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Even a young kiwi appreciates the immeasurable worth of our cherished native forests. The exhilarating and awe-inspiring experience of witnessing our native cabbage trees, especially when swaying in the energising nor-westerly wind. A resilient climate, a flourishing ecosystem, and a deep reservoir of our distinct culture. Nonetheless, our forests and other invaluable habitats hang precariously, endangered by the looming threat of conversion into farmlands, pastures, exotic plantations, or lost to urban development.

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Pricing for files is koha:

Koha is a significant concept deeply rooted in the cultural fabric of New Zealand’s indigenous people, the Māori. It encompasses the idea of giving or gifting, and extends beyond material possessions to include intangible offerings such as time, knowledge, and support. Koha embodies a reciprocal exchange where the act of giving creates a sense of interconnectedness and strengthens relationships within communities.

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