Hawkdun Range, Maniototo, New Zealand

Welcome to my quest to explore Southern New Zealand with a camera.

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  • The Southern Coast of New Zealand

    Gemstone Beach Southland New Zealand.

    Gemstone Beach Southland New Zealand. Buy at Picƒair. Gemstone Beach is part of Te Waewae Bay, and near Tuatapere and Orepuki Semi-precious stones such as garnet, jasper, quartz and nephrite can often be found on the beach. Subject to change of the surface. Sand to stones and back again occurs with the storms and tides

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  • Art installations

    Buy at Picƒair. Buy at Picƒair.

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  • Cross Country Skiing in NZ

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  • Historic Buildings

    Dunedin Railway Station and stairs

    The Dunedin Railway Station is the grandest ‘Gingerbread House’ you’ll ever see. Buy at Picƒair. Going back to 1906, this magnificent Flemish Renaissance-style edifice increasingly entraps the public. White Oamaru limestone facings on black basalt rock, creates a timeless and dramatic air. The grandiose style and rich embellishments earned architect George Troup the nickname of

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  • Native Birds of New Zealand


    Takahē or notornis – a bird of the rail family, indigenous to New Zealand. Buy at Picƒair. Thought to be extinct, due to hunting by Māori. It was not named or described by Europeans until 1847, and then only from fossil bones. It was then rediscovered by Dr G. Orbell in 1948. In the Murchison

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  • Wanaka, Hawea and Upper Clutha Trees

    that wanaka tree

    Cabbage trees/tī kōuka and Harakeke/flax New Zealand landscape. They will often reach a height of 12-20 metres. Very popular in Britain, Europe, and the U.S. In the former they’re known as Torquay palm. Buy at Picƒair. The flowers are very scented in early summer, and turn into bluish-white berries that birds love to eat. It

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  • Springtime in the Garden

    3 daffodils in a blue setting

    Daffodils Buy at Picƒair. Four spring daffodils in a complimentary color setting. Looking like golden yellow flying angels. Daffodil in the Dunedin Botanic Gardens, Dunedin, New Zealand. Buy at Picƒair. Various common names include daffodil, narcissus and jonquil.

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  • Fiordland New Zealand

    Waterfall, Fiordland National Park New Zealand

    Waterfall, Fiordland National Park New Zealand. Buy at Picƒair. Note the tannin coloured water typical of the area. 7 metres of rain annually With over an average of appox. 200 rain-days/year. Sunset Milford Sound New Zealand. Buy at Picƒair. Fiordland. Sunset outlined clouds in Long Sound Buy at Picƒair. Sunset side lighting on storm clouds

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  • The Clutha River Area, Otago, New Zealand

    Clutha River near Wanaka. And California Poppies

    Upper Clutha River near Albert Town Wanaka. California Poppies in December are a delight! Buy at Picƒair. The Upper Clutha Basin, and the Clutha River. Buy at Picƒair. The Cardrona, Hawea, Makarora and Matukituki rivers all feed into the Clutha Mata-Au (formerly Molyneaux). The longest river in the South Island of New Zealand. Wanaka airport is

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  • The Dart River and Kinloch

    Dawn at Kinloch, at the head of Lake Wakatipu.

    Dawn at Kinloch, at the head of Lake Wakatipu. Buy at Picƒair. Lake Wakatipu is an inland lake in the South Island of New Zealand. Many perhaps relate more to the name Queenstown. On the eastern shore. Kinloch is at the head of the lake to the west, right beside where the Dart River, the

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  • Morning and evening views of Lake Wanaka

    Roys Bay, Wanaka. Sunset

    A springtime morning view of Lake Wanaka. The Buchanan Mountains from Roys Bay, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand. A similar view in black and white. Buy at Picƒair. Black Peak in the center is often mistaken for Mt Aspiring. Pastel sunset glow on Lake Wanaka. Buy at Picƒair. Lake Wanaka’s Roys Bay in the evening. With

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  • Canadian Canoe on the Clutha River

    Paddling the Cromwell Gorge, Clutha River, New Zealand

    Paddling the Cromwell Gorge, Clutha River, New Zealand. Circa 1985. Buy at Picƒair. This wild river was no more when Lake Dunstan was formed, beginning in April 1992. It is a man-made lake and reservoir and was formed on the Clutha River as a result of the construction of the Clyde Dam.

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  • Moke Lake, Queenstown

    Moke Lake, Queenstown, New Zealand

    Dawn. Moke Lake is a small lake just a 15 minute drive from Queenstown, in the South Island of New Zealand. Buy at Picƒair. There is a Dept. of Conservation camping area on the northern shores. And the short Moke Lake Loop Track is popular with walkers and cyclists.

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  • Early Autumn Photography

    Not every moment of Easter weekend 2021 was spent in the woods… And lastly some odds and ends for the week

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  • Queenstown NZ and the iconic Remarkables Mountain Range

    The Remarkables mountain range, Queenstown New Zealand

    The most delightful backdrop for visitors to Queenstown is the Remarkables mountain range. Loved alike by New Zealanders and tourists in all seasons, they’re best viewed from the town. The best viewing times are from mid morning onwards and especially at dusk. These iconic photos were all made just on sunset in early winter None of

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  • A year of photography – 2019

    Autumn at Glendhu Bay, Wanaka, New Zealand

    There were various reasons for lots of local NZ travel in 2019, and fortunately I had the time often to not rush trips across the likes of Central Otago, e.g. Wanaka to Dunedin and return. The images below are very roughly in chronological order, but being lots of them I’ve uploaded with speed in mind

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  • The Dunedin Botanic Garden

    Magnolia in the upper Dunedin Botanic Gardens

    I often go to Dunedin for many varied reasons, and one of the delights of every trip is a visit or two to the oldest botanical garden in New Zealand, which was established in 1863. There are two parts of the Dunedin Botanic Garden, linked indiscernibly, known as the upper gardens and the lower gardens

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  • Some thoughts on how to enhance sustainability in photography

    Mount Aeolus from Isthmus Peak track

    One of the goals of Photo Quest NZ is draw attention to our unique New Zealand landscape in such a way as to do something tangible towards not only protecting it, but ensuring people grasp the need for habitat restoration for our native species. Along the way though we leave footprints – not so much

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  • The story of an astute kereru (NZ wood pigeon) and a myopic photographer

    NZ Fantail - piwakawaka on a branch in Dunedin Botanical Gardens

    Last week I came across the above fantail /piwakawaka and as my camera was in my hand, I started stalking him/her with my lens, knowing full-well, like we all do, that these sweeties move about almost too fast for us limited humans. But I got a good enough shot, and then I had the oddest feeling I

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  • That Wanaka Tree

    That Wanaka Tree in snow

    I’ve been around this now famous tree in more ways than one, e.g. swimming, and simply took it for granted for a few decades. In snow, flood, or times of drought this tree that used to be a fence post earlier than 1939, endures with a determination to not just live, but to be a

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