Summer in the Garden

Sunflower and a bee.

Sunflower and a bee.

Of all the summer flowering annuals Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) are known as the “Giants”. They can grow up to 35 cm wide on a tall branching plant that can reach up to 1.5 metres high!

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They can symbolise focus, healing and warmth. And in China symbolism extends beyond longevity to vitality, good fortune, happiness and intelligence.

Early Autumn Photography

Green leaves turning to the typical gold of autumn
Green turning to the typical gold of autumn.
Note the softness. In camera, which gives a sharper look in this case, of segments of background – bit like pieces of a jigsaw
Green leaves turning to the typical gold of autumn, in Wanaka
Soft, out of camera, and then applied again in software
Green leaves turning to the typical gold of autumn, in Wanaka. High key filter
High key filter, post processing

Not every moment of Easter weekend 2021 was spent in the woods…

An un-seasonal nor wester on Lake Wanaka, and a dog with a stick
An unseasonal nor-wester on Lake Wanaka.
But every dog has it’s day
A moody clouds as prelude to the official autumn season on Lake Wanaka
A moody prelude to the official autumn season on Lake Wanaka
Hand stand in the wind, Lake Wanaka
Hand stand in the wind – gusts of 120 km/hr!
Focus stack of two images combined. Autumn colors
Two images combined
Claret colored tree in autumn, with lichen on the trunk
Lichen with claret!
dead birch tree leaves
Perhaps more dead than an “alive autumn look
Pink rose in the rain, with rain drops
Be prepared to get wet in the quest for soft light
White peonei
Source image for the mandala style one below
Bright red autumn foliage
Non distracting background known as bokeh.
More easily achieved if the background is someway behind the subject.
Plus lens wide open
Pink rose close up with raindrops
Roses in certain light are not always as they seem
Orange rose in Dunedin Gardens

And lastly some odds and ends for the week

University of Otago Campus
University of Otago Campus. Post processing involved some playing with infra red
Computer manipulated image of a white peonei
Once was a peonei
Decorative blue piano in Cromwell Mall
Nothing to do with autumn, but seen in Cromwell town

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